Month: July 2020

Stella Tsitsoula – Senior Communications Consultant, Tech & Cybersecurity Industry Specialized, CEO at RED.comm

July 28, 2020

The technology industry should play a more active role in educating students on technology and how it is influencing the world we live in. Stella

Marie Weijler – High-tech and Hardware Investor at Cottonwood Technology Fund

July 23, 2020

If you’re eager to learn and willing to go the extra mile, there are always opportunities for you. Marie Weijler (1991) is the first woman

Mercedes Rodríguez García – Chatbot and Voice Assistant Conversational Architect

July 21, 2020

Technology is entering all fields and jobs, and if women do not start moving into tech careers, female unemployment will increase even more in the

Parneet Pal – Chief Science Officer at Wisdom Labs

July 14, 2020

Women have a superpower – that of empathy, care and compassion – that enables them to be courageous in times of stress, stay open-minded and

Havovi Yazdabadi – Leader for Oracle’s Alliance, Channel Technology and Cloud Systems business

July 9, 2020

Nothing has ever stopped me as a woman in technology – in fact I feel there is no job in technology that would be a

Ashley Wright – Founder of The Wright Success and Study Cryptos

July 7, 2020

We need our male alias to support and advocate for us as well as the women who are already in the tech space. Ashley Wright