Month: March 2020

Nadia van Bedijk-Dekkers – Founder of “You Need Tech Ladies”

March 31, 2020

Being creative, personal and sincere has become even more important now in this digitalized era. Nadia van Bedijk-Dekkers is a 32 entrepreneur from the Netherlands

Maria Klawe – President of Harvey Mudd College

March 26, 2020

I was the first female computer science professor, the first female head of a science department, then the first female vice president and then the

Annabelle Azadé – Fashion and Tech Journalist

March 24, 2020

“I think tech needs a strong sense of drive and the ability to think that any dream is possible, with still a very incentive of

Sylvia Mukasa – Founder and CEO of GlobalX Investments Ltd/GlobalX Innovation Labs

March 19, 2020

You can be anything you want to be if you put to heart and mind to it, because gender does not define what or who

Monique Morrow – President of the Humanized Internet and of the VETRI Foundation

March 12, 2020

My journey has been a very enriching one specific to technology and it continues today in the form of social entrepreneurship, ethics and governance specific

Vivian Opondoh – Co-founder and CEO at Farmula

March 5, 2020

My advice would be to have more conversations around women in STEM and provide other females support in accessing STEM programs. Vivian Opondoh is an

Alex Rühl – Virtual Reality Creator and Founder of CATS are not PEAS

March 3, 2020

My Mum had been told she couldn’t do a lot of things in her life because she was a woman so she drilled into my