Month: July 2021

Eva Parth dos Santos – Founder of Mint Girls GmbH

July 28, 2021

“I think if a strong woman likes technology or she wants to work in that field, she will do everything to get there and not

Jenny Holmström – CEO and Co-Founder of Coupleness

July 20, 2021

“Challenge negative stereotypes and biases. We need to have tougher conversations, and not just as women.” Jenny Holmström is the CEO and Co-Founder of Coupleness,

Nicola Meinders – Global Marketing Manager at JONCKERS, creators of WordsOnline

July 1, 2021

 “If we don’t get involved, then we’ll get excluded.” Nicola Meinders is the Global Marketing Director for Jonckers and their AI cloud translation platform WordsOnline.