Month: May 2019

Kasia Zalewska – Investment Associate at WestTech Ventures

May 30, 2019

Meet Kasia Zalewska, a political scientist by education who turned to entrepreneurship when she first came to Germany. Her journey in fundraising for startups then

Madita Best – Senior Strategist Content Marketing at Babble and Founder & CEO of Daheim

May 28, 2019

Meet Madita Best, Senior Strategist Content Marketing at Babble and Founder & CEO of the impact startup Daheim. Learn more about her journey through various

Shamala Hinrichsen -Founder and CEO of Hanai

May 23, 2019

Today we’d like to introduce you to Shamala Hinrichsen, the Founder and CEO of Hanai, an m-health ecosystem for women worldwide which will give women

Katarzyna Marszałek-Kowalewska – Manager Knowledge Engineering at YUKKA Lab AG

May 21, 2019

Katarzyna is Knowledge Engineering Manager at YUKKA Lab AG, a company that uses software to read and understand financial news within seconds and provides asset

Jeanette Okwu, Co-Founder and CMO of Marketing Tech Platform 1nfluencersMarketing

May 16, 2019

It’s time for a new interview and today we’d like you to virtually meet Jeanette Okwu. She is the co-founder and CMO of 1nfluencersMarketing, a

Maliha Kayani – Founder and CEO of Doctory

May 14, 2019

Meet Maliha Kayani, founder and CEO of Doctory, who is passionate about making high-quality healthcare accessible to everyone in South Asia and the MENA region.

Mia Biberović – Partner & Executive Editor at Croatian Tech Magazine Netokracija

May 9, 2019

Today we want to introduce you to Mia Biberović, Partner and Executive Editor at Netokracija. She writes daily about the local tech startup scene in

Christina Andreassen – Managing Director of the Womentum Accelerator

May 7, 2019

Meet Christina Andreassen, the Womentum Accelerator managing director, responsible for the launch and management of MENA’s first accelerator focused on female-led tech startups. Learn more

Leitha Matz – Co-Founder and COO of fintech startup Zuper GmbH & CSO at verify-u

May 2, 2019

Meet Leitha Matz, an impressive technology leader, fintech expert and mentor who has nearly 20 years of experience in developing teams in FinTech, eCommerce and