GAL TALKS TECH is your source of inspiration around women and tech powered by Berlin-based female empowerment driven and tech-loving gal Christina. We aim to spotlight diverse success stories from all over the world – one interview at a time. For us tech is a tool of new opportunities – for women to overcome geographical or workplace challenges, create new businesses or transform their daily lives.

You might think there are already many stages for women, yet we have an amazing network of women who we feel are not yet in the spotlight enough. This is where we come in!

Every project starts with an idea…

Christina, Creator of Gal Talks Tech

Christina is an independent communications strategist with a focus on personal branding, social media and public relations. She began her professional career more than 15 years ago on the corporate side. During that time she worked small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations. She was responsible for press and public relations, the development of the internal communications and Social Media as well as positioning each companies spokespersons not only in relevant media but also on stages all across Europe.

Christina has been working as an independent consultant since 2016 and supports her clients in communication strategy and implementation. Her main topics are China Retail, Finance, FinTech and digital HealthCare.

Aside from her communication engagements, she is also an expert on China Retail and E-Commerce and she has published a book with renowned German publishing house Springer Gabler titled “Digitales China”.

Her personal commitment is to give women more visibility. She does this both as a consultant and as a volunteer. Christina is a mentor in the MentorMe program and has been supporting FidAR, an initiative for more women on boards, in the area of social media.

Gal Talks Tech Contributors


Monika realized at an early age that she wanted to be involved in radio and music and her dream career kicked off when she began working for both independent and commercial media. From an award-winning journalist and a decade long radio career, she switched to working in Public Relations in the music industry, with her guiding motto always being that if something is great, everyone should know about it.

Being a curious mind ready for challenges, with experience in international projects, she is into all things communication. Monika is an experienced communication strategist and public relations manager, with over 10 years of experience in journalism, media relations, writing, editing, social media and content creation, as well as artist relations and management.

She is currently in charge of communications for The Garden Croatia, home of worldly renowned music festivals, and their craft brewery and event venue, works for LAA, a booking, promoting and management music agency and continues to work on different projects in the music, lifestyle and festival industry. Having gained different insights through her freelancing she wants to talk tech more, with interests in startups, sustainability, mobility, tiny living, coworking and she is moved by ideas, addicted to traveling and excited to see what the next day will bring.


Janika is continuously enaging in world perspective challenging settings and conversation. She is highly experienced in intercultural communication and has lived, studied and worked in Germany, Italy and Brazil. Alongside diversity trainings, Janika has taken the role as community lead of MentorMe, the biggest female mentoring programme in Germany. For her, female empowerment and giving female rolemodels a stage are part of the key opportunities towards gender equality. However, there should be an emphasis on rising awareness of the structural side of discrimination as well, which focuses the diversity & inclusion approach. She believes that change is possible and symbolizes an important process towards a more just and inclusive society. Her focus is to drive transformation in organizations and to make the work environment a better place.


Cilia is tech enthusiast and female empowerment specialist, ever since she started working in Berlin. Through her work, she seeks to shed light on how digital technologies can transform industries, influence governments, and societies, and empower people, especially women.

Her passion lies in bringing more women into the spotlight and creating opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds. Cilia has been volunteering for FidAR, an initiative for more women on boards, and supporting the organisation with their social media communication.

She currently works as Head of Social Innovation at the Vodafone Institute, where she is charged with developing programmes and events for the Institute, supporting management on strategic issues and building partnerships with various stakeholders. Previously, she was Public Affairs Manager at Vodafone Germany, where she was first introduced to policy issues ranging from smart cities to big data, 5G and the Internet of Things.