Doris Ojuederie – Founder of Blockchain Ladies Africa

By on July 4, 2019, in Africa, Interviews

Meet Doris Ojuederie, Founder of Blockchain Ladies Africa, an initiative aiming at uniting African Women via Blockchain Education For Financial Inclusion.

What role does technology play in your everyday life?

Blockchain technology is my primary source of living. I live the tech life every second…I can’t overemphasize the impact of technology in my everyday life. With technology, I can move around the world without flying an aircraft, interact without physical contact, do business even with my enemies, if I have any. It’s an amazing phenomenon.

With blockchain tech, I get involved in digital assets trading on a daily basis. As a certified blockchain expert by the Blockchain Council, I educate African ladies on how to utilize blockchain tech to attain financial inclusion.

Tell us a bit about your journey? How did you get to where you are now?

My desire to learn and understand the blockchain technology spurred up 6 years ago while I was a University undergraduate. As a young entrepreneur, I invested in cryptocurrency. I bought them low and sold at higher prices. I did make good money as a young crypto trader. As I advanced and got out of college, I discovered there was more to this technology than just trading cryptos as I conducted diligent research. It then came to my consciousness that cryptocurrency is only a product of the blockchain technology behind it, more so that there is so much more about the blockchain.

My knowledge venture continued and I gradually utilized opportunities coming from this technology. After graduating from college, I never submitted a CV because I was never in need of a job. My blockchain earnings were enough to take care of my basic needs. In the long run, I became financially independent and free, I began enjoying the freedom of being my own bank. And the desire to teach more women about how to utilize the power of technology began.

What and who were the influencers of who you are today?

I have a great Blockchain Queen as I fondly call her. She is Genevieve Leveille the founder of Agri Ledger, a hard working woman who loves the blockchain. She frequently travels around the world to speak on how the blockchain can change the world in food distribution.

Another lady is the Iron Lady Alakanani Itireleng, the Founder of Satoshi Center and, both in Botswana. Alakanani is the first woman in Africa to embrace and preach about the blockchain technology. She inspires me and so many women into the tech world.

What is the hardest lesson you have learned as a founder and woman in tech?

Patience in building a business is what I learned in a hard way. It takes patience, persistence and a lot more to stand firm as a successful entrepreneur. It takes time to build and grow anything into a beautiful reality.

What are three tech trends you see happening in the next 5 years?

The blockchain technology is currently being overlooked by many industries, businesses, and governments. Governments of the world will massively utilize the blockchain tech for Bureaucracy in the next five years. However, the utility of this technology for supply chain by private businesses will create a huge impact in attracting governmental authorities.

What is the thing you’re currently most excited about?

I am the founder of Blockchain African Ladies, a 3,000 member all-female group that focuses on bringing blockchain education to African Women while to take up Blockchain carriers and for financial inclusion. I am excited about this.

Which job in tech, other than your current one, would you like to have?

I have my eyes on Ethereum Blockchain Development. Becoming an Ethereum Developer is what I would love to become.

If you could host a dinner party with 3 influential people in tech, who would you invite and what would the setting be?

I’d love an informal dinner with Elon Musk, John McAfee and Roger Ver.

Doris is a Nigerian woman who is professionally an accountant but an ardent blockchain tech lover and preacher. She has been in this space for over 6 years, a blockchain certified expert, a serial entrepreneur with unique expertise on business development and strategic marketing.
As CEO, also the Founder of, a non-profit organization that is all about uniting African Women and leading Blockchain Education. She is also the Senior Convener of the Blockchain Women Conference series called The Blocktech Women Conference (BWC)
held across Africa yearly. She has a passion for Women in Africa as she believes blockchain is freedom for African women.
Doris has organized several groundbreaking events which empower women across Africa with hundreds of people in attendance.