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Ameeta Soni – Founder, CEO, CMO, investor and principal at Altek Consulting

October 12, 2021

“We need to start early by providing students exposure to innovative learning programs, opportunities and female role models in tech, and connecting them to female

Marie Weijler – High-tech and Hardware Investor at Cottonwood Technology Fund

July 23, 2020

If you’re eager to learn and willing to go the extra mile, there are always opportunities for you. Marie Weijler (1991) is the first woman

Ivana Kostić – Co-Founder of Health Tech Lab and Technology Transfer Associate at the Innovation Fund

June 18, 2019

Meet Ivana Kostić – a bioengineer and co-founder of the Health Tech Lab. Learn more about her journey from Belgrade to her PhD at the

Kasia Zalewska – Investment Associate at WestTech Ventures

May 30, 2019

Meet Kasia Zalewska, a political scientist by education who turned to entrepreneurship when she first came to Germany. Her journey in fundraising for startups then