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Chepkemoi Magdaline – Founder and Executive Director at EldoHub

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Our vision is to make EldoHub an education technology platform targeting youth between the age of 18 to 35 years, with an aim of preparing

Sarah Luyele Njamu – CEO and Founder of Compu-Connect Education

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There has never been a more exciting time to do business as woman than now, technology has opened up so many avenues where women can


Christina Burkhardt – Founder of SHIFTSCHOOL

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I grew up in a little village – which means I had never seen any female founders. Becoming a founder was challenging and very demanding

Vedrana Miholjic

Vedrana Miholić – Sales Director at CROZ

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It is enough if women want to be part of tech world. I am sure they can make it if they just give it a

Aiste Lehmann – Founder and CEO of re:event

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There are still too less women in science, politics and leadership positions, and this is a systematic issue. As such, it also should be addressed

Zahra Shah

Zahra Shah – Co-founder of Iraqi Innovators

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Technology has become an unstoppable force with a mind of its own. We don’t have to wait for opportunities anymore because we can create them.