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Nayla Fahed – Co-Founder of The Lebanese Alternative Learning

Asia, Interviews

Meet Nayla Fahed – Co-Founder of the Lebanese Alternative Learning, an EdTech NGO aiming to give every child access to quality education through digital. In

Nila Achia – Founder and CEO of Women In Digital (WIDBD)

Asia, Interviews

Meet Nila Achia – Founder and CEO of Women In Digital (WIDBD), a Social Enterprise that has created programmers to help women advance by providing

Humaira Anwar – Social Entrepreneur and Co-founder & COO of “Girl Digital Leader”

Asia, Interviews

Meet Humaira Anwar, co-founder, COO and Master Trainer for “Girl Digital Leader” – a social enterprise that aims to digitally transform the lives of 1

Maria Kyamulabye – Community Manager Technical Talent at Andela

Africa, Interviews

Meet Maria Kyamulabye, Community Manager Technical Talent at Andela, a company building distributed engineering teams with Africa’s top software engineers. What role does technology play

Maliha Kayani – Founder and CEO of Doctory

Asia, Interviews

Meet Maliha Kayani, founder and CEO of Doctory, who is passionate about making high-quality healthcare accessible to everyone in South Asia and the MENA region.