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Marcela Jimenez – Cloud and Technology Sales Director at Oracle

April 21, 2020

Everything is possible. Our world today is no longer an IT Male sector. Marcela Jimenez is a business leader with more than 20 years of

Karin Nijssen – Supervisor Development and Product Owner at Hoffelijk

January 9, 2020

To me the paradigm that ‘tech is not for woman’ has been shifting for a long time here in the Netherlands. The stereotype that only

Tracey Welson-Rossman – Chief Marketing Officer at Chariot Solutions and Founder of TechGirlz

December 12, 2019

My professional journey has not been a straight line. And if you had told me at the outset that I was going to spend the

Masego Khutsoane – Independent Procurement Consultant

December 5, 2019

Women focus groups are essential to allow for these tough conversations, to mold and lead younger IT female professionals, to advocate and establish a stronger

Christina Burkhardt – Founder of SHIFTSCHOOL

December 3, 2019

I grew up in a little village – which means I had never seen any female founders. Becoming a founder was challenging and very demanding

Rosie Fortunello – Co-Founder of Business Sisters and management consultant

November 28, 2019

We need female role models. Our mindset is formed by our surroundings. If we do not see any successful women in tech… how can we

Vedrana Miholić – Sales Director at CROZ

November 26, 2019

It is enough if women want to be part of tech world. I am sure they can make it if they just give it a

Aiste Lehmann – Founder and CEO of re:event

November 21, 2019

There are still too less women in science, politics and leadership positions, and this is a systematic issue. As such, it also should be addressed

Zahra Shah – Co-founder of Iraqi Innovators

November 19, 2019

Technology has become an unstoppable force with a mind of its own. We don’t have to wait for opportunities anymore because we can create them.

Leslie Real – Co-founder and COO of Awalabs

November 14, 2019

There are a variety of women with totally different stories that can be seen as examples worldwide. I think a large part of it has