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Sylvia Acevedo – Entrepreneur, investor, business leader and rocket-scientist

November 10, 2020

There is a tremendous opportunity for women to be part of creating the future world we all share. Sylvia Acevedo is an Entrepreneur, investor, business leader

Filza Tariq – PreSales Blockchain Consultant at Avanza Innovations

November 6, 2020

Pick a technology domain that you are passionate about either it is data science, deep learning, cloud computing, blockchain or Web/Mobile development and be the

Julia Paulsen – Head of Marketing and Digital Sales at Aprila Bank Norway

November 3, 2020

Early on I have learned from my entrepreneurial father that if you are staying still in today’s digital world, you are actually moving backwards as

Simran Yadav – Data Analyst at Centene Corporation

October 29, 2020

I didn’t have an extremely technical background, but I do have the capability of understanding and really digging deeper into the — Why’s of things

Joanna Vaiou – Solopreneur and Search Engine Optimization Strategist/Consultant

October 27, 2020

The solution lies in each and every woman in Tech to initially realize her worth and then create or join communities with like-minded women to

Inna Bogdanova – CEO & Founder at Aplic platform Inc.

October 22, 2020

I think we need to show women the opportunity to create in tech, to express themselves and their personality in tech. This might be more

Silke Zschweigert – CEO for JONCKERS

October 20, 2020

We need to make tech “less scary and something more natural” for girls at school. Silke Zschweigert is the CEO for JONCKERS, a global leader in

Marisol Guzman – Principal Explorationist at Equinor and a philanthropist

October 15, 2020

Meet our new gal who is a philanthropist and wants to introduce the human approach to tech. Marisol Guzman was born in Colombia. She graduated

Laveena Ramchandani – Senior Test Consultant

October 13, 2020

I personally feel and thank conferences specifically for women in technology that happen every year. These are a great platform to learn from and if

Karolina Pilarczyk – IT Delivery Lead and Agile Coach at ERM Power

October 8, 2020

Part of my approach is to try and motivate women to try to do something difficult. To achieve something, you need to know what you

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