Author: Monika Marusic

Maja Trstenjak

Maja Trstenjak – Researcher at The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at University of Zagreb

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Never give up and don’t be afraid to try something new. Do not underestimate anything or anyone. The most important thing is to set your

Silke Zschweigert

Silke Zschweigert – CEO for JONCKERS

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We need to make tech “less scary and something more natural” for girls at school. Silke Zschweigert is the CEO for JONCKERS, a global leader in

Gloria Muhoro – Gender, Technology & Innovation Specialist at African Development Bank

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Technology must represent the diversity of the people it serves. For this to happen, we need more women in the tech sector and using technology.

Sewagodimo Matlapeng – Software developer at Yoco

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My advice for anyone is don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself.  I think as women we live in constant fear of embarrassing ourselves. This is

Masego Khutsoane

Masego Khutsoane – Independent Procurement Consultant

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Women focus groups are essential to allow for these tough conversations, to mold and lead younger IT female professionals, to advocate and establish a stronger


Christina Burkhardt – Founder of SHIFTSCHOOL

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I grew up in a little village – which means I had never seen any female founders. Becoming a founder was challenging and very demanding

Rosie Fortunello – Co-Founder of Business Sisters and management consultant

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We need female role models. Our mindset is formed by our surroundings. If we do not see any successful women in tech… how can we

Vedrana Miholjic

Vedrana Miholić – Sales Director at CROZ

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It is enough if women want to be part of tech world. I am sure they can make it if they just give it a

Aiste Lehmann – Founder and CEO of re:event

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There are still too less women in science, politics and leadership positions, and this is a systematic issue. As such, it also should be addressed

Zahra Shah

Zahra Shah – Co-founder of Iraqi Innovators

Asia, Interviews

Technology has become an unstoppable force with a mind of its own. We don’t have to wait for opportunities anymore because we can create them.

Leslie Real

Leslie Real – Co-founder and COO of Awalabs

Interviews, South America

There are a variety of women with totally different stories that can be seen as examples worldwide. I think a large part of it has

Jillian Kowalchuk

Jillian Kowalchuk – Founder and CEO of Safe & The City

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We can’t only encourage more women to become employees or employers in technology companies, we need more female VCs, C-suite members, teachers and allies to

Katrin Grunwald

Katrin Grunwald – Founder of The Globe Team

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I believe that not everyone has to become a “hardcore techie” but I would encourage women to be keen, curious and eager to discover new

Shannon Graybill

Shannon Graybill – Co-Founder of Le Wagon Portugal

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I feel that many of us, and particularly women when it comes to technology, have these preconceived ideas about ourselves and our own abilities which

Bonnie Chiu – CEO of Lensational & Managing Director of The Social Investment Consultancy

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I think empathy is very important – it’s currently lagging in the tech world, which is why we see tensions between technology development and flourishing

Daniella Santana

Daniella Santana – China Business Expert & LinkedIn Coach

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We need to learn more about self-promotion. That’s the way to go for the future. Personal branding. Daniella Santana is a China Business Expert and

Nidhi Chahal Dahiya

Nidhi Chahal Dahiya – Project Manager at Publicis Sapient

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I have had fantastic mentors, rich experiences and a lot of stories on why ‘It didn’t work’. I have learnt to speak up when others

Saran Diakité Kaba – Interactive Design Director at PSA Groupe

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Everything is possible, and gender, age and color are not an issue because talent has no colour, no gender, nothing to do with the age.

Kritika Rawat – Founder and CEO of RealtyNXT

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I would say rather having any particular skill, it’s about having the right attitude. We need to have a mind like a child to be

Victoria Navarro – Software Engineer at Siemens

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People need multiple qualities for everything in life, but one of the most important, would be grid. The will of keep going, the determination of