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Hoa Le Nguyen – Scaleup Lead at Handelshøyskolen BI

Europe, Interviews

Tech companies should have a clear recruitment strategy focusing on diversity with measurable goals. Hoa Le Nguyen leads a scaleup accelerator helping technology with global

Parveen Khan – Senior Test Engineer at Square Marble Technology

Europe, Interviews

I feel proud being a woman in tech. It has helped to break the common misconception that women are good only for doing certain kinds

Rajashree Rao – AI Lead at R² Data Labs at Rolls Royce

Asia, Interviews

I strongly believe that it is a woman herself who can break this stereotype in the technology industry. She needs to go out and take

Rashi Jain – Software Engineer at Think Future Technologies

Asia, Interviews

Thinking about ‘Women and technology’ I feel the same as I would feel while thinking about ‘Men in technology’. Rashi Jain is a Software Engineer

Cheryl Laidlaw – Founder of Website in a Day

Europe, Interviews

Having more female tech role models is key, we can feature them in programs, podcasts, events and more to highlight women and their achievements within

Dominique West – Senior Cloud Security Consultant at EY

Interviews, North America

It is important to make sure we are undoing biases in our technology evolution and that only comes with diversity of thought – aka making

Stella Tsitsoula – Senior Communications Consultant, Tech & Cybersecurity Industry Specialized, CEO at RED.comm

Europe, Interviews

The technology industry should play a more active role in educating students on technology and how it is influencing the world we live in. Stella

Marie Weijler – High-tech and Hardware Investor at Cottonwood Technology Fund

Europe, Interviews

If you’re eager to learn and willing to go the extra mile, there are always opportunities for you. Marie Weijler (1991) is the first woman

Mercedes Rodríguez García – Chatbot and Voice Assistant Conversational Architect

Europe, Interviews

Technology is entering all fields and jobs, and if women do not start moving into tech careers, female unemployment will increase even more in the

Parneet Pal – Chief Science Officer at Wisdom Labs

Interviews, North America

Women have a superpower – that of empathy, care and compassion – that enables them to be courageous in times of stress, stay open-minded and

Havovi Yazdabadi – Leader for Oracle’s Alliance, Channel Technology and Cloud Systems business

Asia, Interviews

Nothing has ever stopped me as a woman in technology – in fact I feel there is no job in technology that would be a

Ashley Wright – Founder of The Wright Success and Study Cryptos

Interviews, North America

We need our male alias to support and advocate for us as well as the women who are already in the tech space. Ashley Wright

Ana Paula Rocha – Front-end Developer at Beleaf

Interviews, South America

I think about how unfair it is that women have historically had a very important role in shaping technology, and yet, been erased in so

Geetha Kannan – Founder and CEO of Wequity

Asia, Interviews

We have to progress holistically, looking at women as individuals, and then providing them with what they need to grow and stay in their tech

Alexandra Petrus – AI Product Strategist

Europe, Interviews

A seat at the table is always yours to take if you so wish to and are ready for the responsibility. When you stop being

Arti Agrawal – Associate Professor and Director of Women in Engineering and IT

Australia, Interviews

Addressing the long-standing and complex challenges in gender equality in tech needs bottom-up and top-down action, from calling out inappropriate micro-aggressions or behaviours that you

Victoria Ngono – Founder and Executive Director of Girls in STEM Trust

Africa, Interviews

Mentorship played a strong part in cementing my resolve to pursue a career in Tech, it came in various forms and had a lasting impact

Alessandra Karine – Vice President of Public Sector Sales at Microsoft Brazil

Interviews, South America

At Microsoft we are not restricted to thinking about having a larger number of women. Our goal is to have in the company a reflection

Izabella Naessa – Intrapreneur and Head of Commercial Strategy at GetBEE

Asia, Interviews

We have had fantastic women throughout history developing, creating, enabling extraordinary things in STEM but they didn’t have the spotlight. Izabella Naessa is a Digital

Renu Harshatha – Trainee Security Consultant at Meta Defence Labs

Asia, Interviews

IT is not only about coding, there are different paths and roles under this vast category. Renu Harshata is a Trainee Security Consultant at Meta